Maintenance Management Systems

With a focus on clients’ needs, our team selects, procures, and implements robust and fully customized Maintenance Management Systems (MMS) that address asset maintenance and management, financial objectives, and regulatory requirements.

Our technical expertise spans all types of rail fleet, including freight, metro car, and light rail. 

Rail Fleet Maintenance

Our maintenance program (via a developed MMS) will, at a minimum, plan, implement, and manage the following maintenance activities:

Level 1 – Preventive and predictive maintenance activities to ensure the function, condition, design life, OEM requirements, and availability of fleet assets or components. Level 1 Maintenance preserves assets and prolongs

Level 2 – Repair and restoration of failed fleet assets or components back to suitable operating condition. Level 2 Maintenance reduces overhead costs via failed asset recovery.

Level 3 – Optimized cyclical replacement, refurbishment, or renewal of fleet assets or components. Level 3 Maintenance ensures longevity and continuous service delivery.

Our suite of services includes the capacity for mobile maintenance tasks as required, from in-service repairs to emergency response.

Fleet Optimization

Optimization is at our core. Rely on our team of experts for optimized processes, standardized procedures, improved quality and precision, and an overall reduction of maintenance errors.

Our reliability engineers with expertise in Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) are crucial to achieving these outcomes. 

Rail Fleet Asset Condition Assessment

Assessing the current condition of rail fleet assets provides operators with an informed operational and commercial risk analysis, and insight into the fleet’s state of repair.

Doing so improves visibility for capital allocation and maintenance needs, which in turn facilitates informed financial decision making to maximize asset utilization and flexibly react to operational needs in real time.